Altona is aiming to unlock the value contained in its 7.8 billion tonne (non JORC) coal resource in the Arckaringa basin by converting the coal into methanol (coal to methanol or CTM). This is a high value-add product with both a domestic and overseas market. The coal is a chemical feedstock, not for burning.

Coal Resources (non JORC)

Deposit Million Tonnes
Measured* Indicated* Inferred* Total
Wintinna 1,150 750 2,000 3,900
Westfield 100 200 500 800
Murloocoppie 250 300 2,600 3,150
* based on JORC equivalent standards of the day 7,850

As shown in the next table (also from the ‘South Australia Mineral Explorers Guide’ – PIRSA), the Wintinna deposit contains the highest quality and largest quantity of “Measured” and “Indicated” coal in South Australia (although note that the variation in the coal resource numbers for Wintinna from the table above are largely due to changes in reporting standards over time).


Major Coal Deposits in South Australia - in situ tonnage and quality

The exploration programme in 2007 – 2008 resulted in an updated JORC compliant Resources Estimate for an area covering 25% of the known Wintinna deposit, as shown in the following table.


Million Tonnes (JORC)
Deposit Measured Indicated Inferred Total
Wintinna 187 650 450 1,287

Source: “Statement of Coal Resources Wintinna (EL3361) 31 July 2008”. McElroy Bryan Geological Services, Sydney, NSW, July 2008

Wintinna raw coal quality is typical of the sub-bituminous, low rank (high in situ moisture) coal from the Arckaringa Basin, South Australia. The following table is a summary of the typical raw coal quality data detailed in the McElroy Bryan report. The parameters are in line with the ‘in situ’ quality reported in the PIRSA table above.

Wintinna Typical Raw Coal Quality

Quality Parameter As Received
Total Moisture 36.6%
Raw Ash 8.2%
Volatile Matter 23.6%
Total Sulphur 1.119%
Chlorine 0.03%
Specific Energy 17.1 (MJ/Kg)%
Relative Density 1.25% (g/cc)

Source: A&B Mylec – “Wintinna Resource Coal Quality Review”

Further definition of coal quality, particularly in relation to specifications for coal feedstock to supply the CTM plant, will result from the detailed testing and analysis which has been completed and will be verified during the BFS.