The Arckaringa Project is not just another coal mine

Rather than just simply burn coal, the Project will convert the coal into high value methanol for the Australian and world markets.

It is fundamental to Altona’s philosophy, as a company, to minimise any actual and potential environmental damage, including carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Altona believes that with the application of the right technology, including carbon capture and storage (CCS), it can operate in a lower emissions footprint than using conventional fuels and technology.

The Arckaringa Project will not be approved unless it complies with the legislative and regulatory standards set out by the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments, including a viable groundwater management plan.

This project will be developed along sound environmental lines and it will operate in an environmentally responsible way.

Altona has a clear commitment to environmental management as a cornerstone of our social licence to operate.

New Generation Coal: Feedstock of the Future

The Arckaringa Project is not just another coalmine. It will produce a 21st century value added product from its hydrocarbon store, creating long-term wealth and jobs for South Australia.

Burning coal is 19th century; creating clean hydrocarbon products from coal is 21st century.

Arckaringa could create a new industry for South Australia - high technology, high value-add methanol production.