Qinfu Zhang - Executive Director

Mr Qinfu Zhang has over 30 years work experience in the fields of clean energy and manufacturing.  Mr Zhang holds the position of chairman at Wintask Group Limited, Shaanxi Hailang Group, Hlevel Co. Ltd, and Fu'an Biology Technology Co., Ltd.

Chi Ma - Non Executive Director

Mr Ma is the nominated board representative of Sino-Aus Energy Group Ltd and joined the board in March 2016. He holds a number of directorships in China and has many years' experience in various companies, including those within sectors such as energy, engineering, real estate and technology. He brings a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the company

Christian Taylor-Wilkinson - Non Executive Director

Christian has been closely associated with Altona since 2014, as the financial PR adviser to the Company, through his agency, Leander PR, which he founded in 2009. He has spent his professional career in the City and has over 23 years' experience advising and working alongside companies of differing sizes and across many sectors, and where he has built up a solid reputation and contact base within the small-cap arena.

His background spans investment banking (as a corporate broker at UBS), before moving into investor relations and financial PR in 2001. He has a broad perspective of the capital markets landscape, as well as a deep understanding into the needs of businesses and their shareholders.