The Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) process consists of three main steps in which the run of mine solid coal feedstock is converted to higher value product using Gasification and Fischer-Tropsch (FT) processes. These are:

Material Process

Prepared coal is processed in a gasifier with oxygen from the adjacent Air Separation Unit. This produces raw syngas and slag/black water by-products.

The raw syngas produced is cooled and the components separated.

Unwanted gases, mainly carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide are separated from the valuable syngas. Established commercially available technologies will be used. The hydrogen sulphide gas is converted to pure sulphur which can be sold commercially.

The synthesis gas stream of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is then conditioned to meet the feed specification for the FT Synthesis Unit.

The other by-products are sent to a clean-up unit where the inert slag is separated ready for sale to the construction industry and the black water cleaned and recycled for slurrying the coal feedstock.

The carbon dioxide is captured, dried and compressed ready for storage and transport by pipeline to a suitable sequestration site for permanent storage.